3 Benefits for Getting Your Kids Involved in Summer Sports

The summer season will be here soon, which means your kids will have a lot of free time on their hands. If they are like most kids these days, they probably want to play video games and watch television all day. As a parent, you can’t let your kids just sit around the house all summer. It is very important to keep them active by signing them up for sports. Here are three benefits that the experts at Livestrong  find when your kids get involved in summer sports.

Fitness and Health

If your child plays a sport all summer, whether it is volleyball or soccer, he will burn a lot of calories and stay in great shape. Childhood obesity rates are at an all-time high, so you have to do everything you can to keep your child active. If he plays a sport at least three or four days a week, his metabolism will be running very fast. If you encourage your child to stay active early in life, he will be much more likely to participate in physical activities when he gets older.


Social Skills

One of the advantages of having your child play sports in the summer is that he will get to meet new kids and develop his social skills. Instead of lounging on the couch all day, he will actually be able to start conversations with other kids and develop new friendships. Developing social skills at a young age can be very beneficial for your child. For example, he will have a much easier time obtaining a great career if he has great social skills.



Your child will learn how to be more disciplined through playing sports. He will realize that you have to be disciplined to be successful. Instead of playing a video game or watching his favorite show on television, he will be disciplined enough to practice. He will also be disciplined enough to make early games and practices.


As you can see, there are many benefits of signing your child up for a sport this summer. Whether you sign your child up for soccer or baseball, he will experience these benefits. When the summer is over, he will be in great shape and have more confidence. Also, make sure to have him learn about kinesiology tape before he starts playing a sport. Tell him that this tape can help reduce inflammation, ease pain and even enhance performance.

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