4 Tips To Keep Your Family Mementos Safe

Are you worried about the effects of natural disasters in your area, such as volcanoes, hurricanes, and other terrible events that have wreaked havoc on your neighbors in the past? Are you looking for a safe place where you can store your family mementos and keep them as secure as possible? Read this guide for great tips on preserving your most cherished items from generations of family members. Family heirlooms and mementos are too important to be cared for it a nonchalant way. Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to help ensure that they are still around for years to come, for you, your children, your grandchildren, and many more generations to come. Here is how to get started in the process of keeping your family mementos safe:


Tip #1:


Arrange photos in an album or a scrapbook so that your most precious memories are in one place. This keeps them organized and together. Secure loose photos with archival glue, tape or plastic sheeting. Scanning them into your computer and keeping them backed up on a thumb drive is also a good idea.


Tip #2:


Place photos in a fire-proof lock box or safe. You can buy fire-proof safes from online vendors or local merchants who specialize in these products. Such a step helps to ensure that photos and other important papers make it through a fire or some other random disaster.


Tip #3:


Rent storage units for larger family heirlooms such as your great grandmother’s original spinning wheel or set of quilts passed down through the generations. Wahiawa, HI storage units are great options for photos and important family paper heirlooms because the units are climate controlled. Check with your storage company to see if they offer fire-proof units for extra layer of protection.


Tip #4:


Place your items in a lockbox at a bank. The bank is a secure place for very valuable family mementos such as diamond earrings, expensive jewelry and loose stones, and old stamps and coins passed down to you and your family through the years. Only certain people are able to open the lockbox, further minimizing theft and fraud.


If you are looking for easy, economical ways to preserve your most important family mementos for many years to come then consider these four efficient tips. One or several may be right for your family items and protect them from destruction in the event of a catastrophe such as a fire, volcanic eruption, tornado or other natural disaster.

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