5 Fun Souvenirs For Your Family Reunion

If you are the one planning your family reunion, you have a lot of preparations to consider. When you’re deciding on a theme, creating a menu, and choosing party decorations, don’t forget to select some souvenirs that your family can take with them as tangible reminders of the event. There’s an abundance of souvenirs available ranging from high priced items to budget-friendly tokens. Some of the following ideas are among the more popular or somewhat unique souvenir choices for the big event.


Tee Shirts


Tee shirts are one of the most popular family reunion souvenirs. Various types of information can be printed on the tee shirts. You can include the family name, the date of the event, the family crest or any other detailed information you wish to on each tee shirt. A group photo from the last reunion is a fun option.


Custom Beverage Containers


Lots of people keep a water bottle nearby throughout the day. They may keep one on their desk at work or have one with them as they exercise, drive around town or work outdoors. Custom water bottles with the family name and the date of the reunion would be a nice souvenir. Coffee mugs and shot glasses with the same type of information are also great choices.


Custom Key Rings


Almost everyone can use an extra key ring. Custom made keyrings that depict information relevant to your family reunion are budget-friendly souvenirs. You can use these as one of the items in your party/reunion gift bag. You could also slide name cards into the key rings and use them as place cards.


Stress Relievers


Who doesn’t have some stressful moments in their life? Custom designed stress relievers are a fun and useful family reunion souvenir. One thing that makes personalized stress relievers such a good choice for a souvenir is that kids, teens and adults will find them humorous, yet useful. You can easily find stress relievers in designs that are appropriate for men, women, young children and teenagers.




A popular, budget friendly family reunion souvenir is magnets. You can design them as “save the date” magnets or as magnets that include the family name and reunion date or the family crest. A picture frame magnet provides each family member with a place to put the latest group photo.


When choosing your family reunion souvenir, keep in mind that a personalized gift tends to have more sentimental value to the recipients.

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