5 Most Common Dental Questions

The 6 Most Common Dental Questions Asked by Patients

Visiting the dentist can be a very scary time for children and adults. There is so much uncertainty about having work done of your teeth that dentists have complied a list of the most common questions patients ask when visiting the office. Here are the top six most common questions asked by patients.

Can You Explain the Missing Tooth Clause?
This refers to many dental insurance plans that will not cover any procedure that works on replacing a missing tooth that was gone before the effective start date of the policy. If your insurance came into effect after your tooth was missing, the dentist visit will not be covered by your insurance policy. Many times the insurance company will contact the dentist to get documentation of the date the tooth was removed.

Can You Explain Root Canal?
This is one of the more common questions in many dentist offices around the country. The root canal procedure involves the dentist removing the nerve that is inside the tooth. The root needs to be carefully removed by a root canal specialist to help treat against infection and keep the rest of the tooth healthy. Once the root has been removed the tooth is sealed so restructured to look like the original tooth.

Can You Explain Teeth Whitening?
The dentist will explain to patients that there are basically two types of teeth whitening procedures. The professional teeth whitening that is done in a dentist office and the over the counter teeth whiteners you can buy in your local drugstore. The procedure done in a dentist office is done using professional equipment and products. Many store bought products simply contain bleach and can damage the enamel of your teeth. Your dentist can show you the most effective over the counter products if you do not want the professional treatment done.

Can You Explain How Often X-rays Should Be Taken?
Dentists will explain to patients that x-rays should be taken six months to one year, depending on how often they visit the office. There are many underlying reasons the x-rays need to be taken from nutrition, hygiene and treatment issues that may arise.

Can You Explain Which Toothpaste is Best?
Your dentist will tell you that any toothpaste with fluoride will be effective. The best possible combination for a quality toothpaste is one that contains fluoride and the least amount of harsh chemicals. The dentist can provide you with samples and recommend which brands are better for your teeth and gums.

Can You Explain How to Relieve a Toothache?
Your dentist will tell you that as soon as you have a sign of a toothpaste to contact your dentist immediately so he can understand what the underlying cause may be. The toothache can be relieved with clove oil applied by a q-tip onto the gums. This will subside the pain until you get into the dentist chair.

Just be aware about your children’s teeth and get them to Pediatric Dentist in Indianapolis for any issues.

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