5 Thing Seniors are Doing to Make Their Homes Safe

In today’s world, danger sometimes seems to lurk everywhere. While people should not become paranoid, seniors should absolutely look into these safety precautions, such as the LifeShield store in Austin, as a means of protecting themselves from the outside elements.

Security Systems

Unfortunately, robbers might view senior citizens as targets, which is why the Best Alarm Service in Austin is necessary. If someone was to break in, the alarm would sound, and the police would be notified. They come pretty quickly, so hopefully, the robber will be working to get out before any harm can be done to the senior citizen.

Live-In Assistance

Of course, a live-in helper does not act as a security guard, but potential robbers are often drawn away when more than one person is living in the home. Naturally, these live-in aids come to be when a health problem exists with the elderly person. Living alone when various health issues, such as dementia or advanced cancer, are present is dangerous and could lead to serious accidents or problems.

Making Stairs Safer

As people age, stairs really do present a major risk. One fall could cause so many problems for a senior citizen, and some of them are not able to walk up the stairs at all. Installing a ramp outdoors can certainly help with this, and some homes have devices that bring wheelchairs up the stairs as well. For those seniors who are still walking up and down, installing sturdy handrails helps to lower the risk as well.

Fire, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide

Sometimes, senior citizens might be a little bit forgetful, and they do not check to make sure these systems are still working. Doing so is necessary because fires and carbon monoxide poisoning can absolutely be fatal. Having these systems set up with the security system is a very smart idea. If trouble arises, help will be on the way shortly.

Calling for Help

Speaking of calling for assistance, many seniors are now carrying devices with them that can alert the authorities if they are in trouble. You might think that a senior citizen could just dial 911, but the person is not always able to get to the phone. Carrying around a tool can prevent a senior from lying on the floor for days or from dying because he or she was not able to get in touch with help.

Safety at home is extremely important for everyone, and this is especially true for senior citizens.

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