An Overview of Securing a Modern Home Against Burglary and Home Invasion

When it comes to your home, you want nothing but the best. Your home is the place you are able to relax after work, a place to feel comfortable, and most importantly, the place you feel safe. Because all homes should be safe, you should do everything you can to make sure that you protect your home against burglary and home invasion. Home security systems are essential for protecting the modern home from invasions and robberies, and they don’t need to cost a fortune.

Below is an overview of how to secure a modern home. The overview begins with basic methods that anyone can do and that cost very little; even a modern home can benefit from these low-tech security measures. Advanced methods of security are also outlined, followed by high-tech methods that the most modern and tech-savvy homeowner will want. When it comes to protecting your home, your possessions and your family, you will likely want to consider implementing all three methods in order to make sure security is at its highest.

Basic Methods That Are Still Essential For Modern Homes

When homeowners think about home security these days, more often than not people immediately think of high-tech home security systems. While these are beneficial, and more on these will be discussed later on, it’s important to first make sure that, as a homeowner, you are implementing the most basic security measures first. Even these basic methods are still relevant in today’s age of modern houses.

First of all, know that by implementing these very basic methods, you are already thwarting amateur thieves. Deterring burglars and making the task difficult for them is already reducing your chance of being a victim. For starters, always lock doors and windows when you’re not at home. Change all of these locks if you have just moved into a new place, and similarly, change the locks if you have lost your keys.

This might seem obvious, but don’t hide keys under your front mat or in a flower pot on your step. Again, this is making intrusion far too easy. Make sure you have a good relationship with your neighbors; they will be able to look after your home when you are away. For example, if your neighbors collect your mail, this will help to maintain the illusion that you are at home even when you’re on holiday.

Planting bushes or shrubs underneath windows or having a dog are two other very easy ways to deter criminals from even attempting to enter your home.

Advanced Methods To Should Take Advantage Of

While these basic methods are still incredibly important and relevant today, there are more advanced home security methods that you can take advantage of that will take your home security to the next level. For example, consider installing high-quality surveillance video cameras. If you choose to use CCTV on all sides of your home, you will be able to monitor behavior or movement that is out of the ordinary. If this seems like it is out of your price range, know that having sign posts warning potential burglars that you have this protection is also effective.

Nowadays, another common home security system used by homeowners everywhere is motion detectors. Motion detectors can be used on door entrances, windows, in yards or in driveways. These will alert you to when someone is approaching, which is incredibly effective if you are not expecting someone.

For individuals who own larger homes that require the assistance of maids or gardeners, installing an electronic keypad can be another useful form of advanced security. With an electronic keypad, homeowners can program pass codes so that only individuals who know the code can gain access to the home. Different codes can be programmed for different individuals; for example, the maid’s access code might only allow access between 9AM and 3PM. This way, only family members can gain access to the home during nighttime.

Another more advanced method of securing your home against burglary and home invasion is to install burglar-resistant glass. For burglars who are intent on getting into your home, this is a surefire way to prevent them from accessing your house and from causing damage.

High-Tech Methods Of Securing Your Home Against Burglary

If you believe that high-tech home security systems are necessary for protecting your home and your family, then you should realize that there are lots of new advancements being made in this field. Broadband video monitoring is just one of many recent technological advancements that have been made in home security. Broadband video monitoring is incredibly efficient, as a call will be sent to your smartphone at any sign of trouble. Remote home monitoring is another efficient, high-tech home security system. Smart security systems allow you to monitor your home remotely; even if you are away on holiday or out of town for business, you will know what is going on in your home. This can be accessed via your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Facial recognition is one of the newest technological advancements. Since its creation, it has been used by many different people and has become incredibly popular. Entry is allowed based on human recognition; those who the system doesn’t recognize will not be allowed to enter.

Finally, a good way to avoid being a burglary victim is to make your home look as though someone is inside, even if you are all away on holiday. With interactive automation, you can make it look as though people are inside, but in a far more energy efficient way that simply leaving all the lights on. With this kind of system, your home will look inhabited and you will return to a well-lit home of a comfortable temperature.

When it comes to effective home security systems, there are plenty of options. In order to protect your modern home, consider installing advanced surveillance systems and even the more high-tech options; these aren’t just for millionaires and celebrities anymore. However, don’t forget about the basic methods as well. Making sure that you deter burglars with simple methods like locking your door and having a good relationship with your neighbors can do wonders to stop amateur burglars.

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