Comfortable Sister Missionary Proselytizing Clothing

Receiving your mission call can be a very exciting time.  Once you know where you will be spending your time serving you can begin to make the necessary preparations.  One of those preparations is to purchase the right clothing.  You’ll choose Sister Missionary proselytizing clothing that not only is modest, it should allow for free movement, as well as be weather appropriate for the area you will be in.  Here are some important things to consider when choosing comfortable sister missionary clothing:

  • Fit.  All items of clothing worn by sister missionaries should be tailored to fit well.  This means that you should avoid choosing clothing items that are too tight and can be too revealing.  You should also avoid choosing items that are too large or look sloppy when being worn.
  • Style.  Individual style is encouraged in missionary attire.  While you will have specific standards you are expected to meet in all clothing items, you should also feel comfortable and enjoy the items you choose to wear.  Colorful clothing items are encouraged in sister missionaries.  It is a joyous occasion to be serving and colors help to express this joy.  You can also choose clothing that is current in style and design as long as any item you choose meets the modesty standards set for missionaries.
  • Modesty.  Modesty is the most important factor to consider when choosing the outfits to complete your missionary wardrobe.  From suits, jackets, dresses, skirts and blouses to comfortable clothing for working and even sleeping in; everything you bring should represent your standards by being modest and well fit.
  • Accessories.  Shoes and accessories are a big part of your mission wardrobe.  When choosing the right shoes to buy, you need to consider that you will be doing a lot of walking as well as the style and fashionable looks. Choose shoes that offer comfort first.  When you find shoes that you feel you can walk in for long periods of time find the same pair in a variety of colors.  Other accessories such as jewelry and hair accessories should be fashionable but not too ornate.  Simplicity is desired for items such as earring, necklaces, and hair accessories.
  • Layers.  When choosing items of clothing you should consider options that will allow you to dress in layers to adjust for temperature variations.  Depending on the area you will be serving in, you may need to have outer wear such as jackets and even warm winter coats and boots.  When planning your wardrobe it’s important to consider these layer options as well.

When choosing your outfits for during your mission, it’s important to choose a variety of outfits that can be mixed and matched to create more combinations.  Choosing items of good quality will give you clothing that will last through the duration as well.  You’ll find that there are many great options available for stylish, comfortable missionary clothing.

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