End Of Life Choices

End of life choices should be made in advance. Usually we don’t start thinking about these choices until our old age. Making choices is a gift to our family and loved ones. If there are no funeral or burial plans then the arrangements become a stressful ordeal for the family.

Preplanning for your cremation or burial is a wise and important decision. There are many ways to plan a funeral service in Boulder, Colorado. There is a selection of funeral homes which will help you preplan your arrangements. The job of the Funeral Director is to help you make choices based on your spiritual beliefs, financial situation and whether you want burial or cremation.

It is wise to sit down and compile a list of your thoughts before choosing a funeral home.

> Do you want a service at a funeral home or at a church? How many people would you anticipate attending the service? If your church is very small, you may want to use the chapel of the funeral home or a larger church building.

> A viewing is usually at a funeral home prior to a service and burial. If you are being cremated there is usually not a viewing of the body, but if this is something you and your family want, then it could be arranged. If the body is going to be viewed and buried there will be a charge for embalming which costs approximately $400 to $500.

> Sometimes a graveside memorial is a simple and inexpensive choice. Even with a cremation the ashes can be interred at a grave site. The ashes are usually placed in an urn, costs vary from $50 up to $4000. Funeral homes will provide a tent and chairs for guests at the graveside memorial.

> In considering the cost of your final arrangements, cremation is a less costly choice. With burial, choices would need to be made concerning the type and quality of casket. Caskets can range in price anywhere from, the least expensive being $200 to $2,200 and the more expensive range from $3000 to $65,000. Making decisions ahead of time can prevent emotional decisions.

> In making your end of life plans, you may have a special minister or friend whom you wish to speak or play music at your service. You can choose songs, music or videos. Some people like to create a “Celebration of Life” service, which focuses more on the positive gift of life rather than the negative aspect of dying.

It’s never too soon to make your end of life choices. Create a living will, a legal document that you prepare regarding your wishes concerning life prolonging medical care. Prepare your will, keep a copy in your safe deposit box. Meet with your local funeral director in Boulder, Colorado and prearrange your burial or cremation. You can also prepay as a final loving gift to your family.

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