Finding an Accident Attorney

So you got into an accident, it wasn’t your fault but it happened and now you don’t know what to do. Well lucky for you I have years of experience getting into car accidents or knowing people who have. Montgomery Accident Lawyer are super helpful and will fight to get you what you deserve. Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine who didn’t get the right lawyer and lost a ton of money.

It was the middle of a hot summer in Ann Arbor, Michigan- it was getting pretty close to the 4th of July and the city was swarmed with tourists. From all over the country and a few patriotic Canadians gathered to enjoy the sultry sun and ambience of the quiet Midwest town. Early in the morning as my good friend, Lance, was heading towards his work at the local sock factory. He was driving on the highway, which was unusually dense with cars even with the annual flock of outsiders. As he was driving he was cut off by a driver from California, who was driving a Prius. The Californian failed to check his blind spot and clipped Lance’s car, send him swerving over the populated road. Quickly losing control of his car he smashed into the back of the very same Prius before coming to a screeching halt. If that wasn’t enough, he was immediately rear ended by a woman who was putting on her makeup while driving. Michigan driving law states that if you rear end a car it is your fault no matter the circumstances. The damage to the Prius was substantial as they are weak cars and I’m sure you can imagine the driver was an oblivious self-entitled jerk. Luckily, Lance didn’t have to pay for some of the damage to his car because of the woman who hit him from behind, but the Prius owner was insistent. There were no injuries among the wreckage other than emotional ones.  But the wreckage was significant and required a large sum of money to be repaired. Lance’s humble job at the sock factory barely allowed him enough to afford the repairs. Not to mention that at that time he was engaged to be married later that year and was trying to save money. The California Prius owner had a good accident attorney as did the makeup wearing woman. My friend however was lost in a sea of doubt and uncertainty. If only he had known about Montgomery Accident Lawyer, although the geographical distance is large I’m sure they still would have been able to help them. Don’t be like Lance, get a good accident attorney today.

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