Finding the Perfect Home for Your Family Abroad

Finding the perfect home can be a task, especially if you are looking for a perfect home for your family abroad. Keeping that in mind, there is a home buyer checklist that everyone should see. The following are some important aspects that every potential home buyer should keep in mind.

The first item on the checklist has to do with money. You want to not only keep in mind the asking price, but also consider what sort of real estate taxes will also be involved. This is something that a lot of people overlook. They focus so much on the asking price, and forget there are other components such as real estate taxes and closing costs. When looking to buy overseas, they have transaction costs which can equal up to 18% of the purchase price so definitely keep this additional cost in mind.

The second item on the checklist has to do with the neighborhood where the home is located. You want to live in a good location. Keep in mind the home’s proximity to places such as your work, schools, shopping, expressways, public transportation, doctors/dentists and churches. Also consider the traffic volume the neighborhood receives and if there are any parks if that is something that is important to you. We all know that the neighboring properties affect our own property value so notice if those around you seem to upkeep their yards and property. Although this might seem small, this could make a huge difference. Plus I am sure that you want to look at neighbors that have aesthetically pleasing features. If you are looking to buy a home overseas, make sure the area your home is in is good for your needs. Make sure there is a local market nearby and things along those types of lines. Leverage global real estate can help you find the perfect home!

The third item on the checklist has to do with the actual house itself. You want to keep in mind the age of the home you are considering to buy. This will let you know what sort of potential work you will face and when. Notice what kind of framing the house has, whether it is wood or brick. Depending on where you live, different materials might make more sense in order to keep your home in good maintenance. Make sure and pay attention to the condition of the roof and foundation as these are big ticket items when it comes to functionality of the home and are typically very costly repairs.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the square footage and type of systems that are set up. This will affect your utility usage and eventual charges. Depending on if this is your primary home or a vacation home can help play a role in finding the best system for you. Finally, the fourth item on the checklist has to do with appliances. See if anything comes with the home or if you will need to purchase new appliances. If so, make sure you know where in your new area overseas you can purchase appliances. Make sure you think about the little details when finding the perfect home for your family abroad.


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