Five Unique Projects for Your Child’s Next Science Fair

Doing science experiments is a great way to teach your children some of the basics of science, but kids do not want to do the same old boring science experiments. Kids want to do something exciting and new for their experiment. If they don’t particularly like science, they may need an idea for a fun experiment.

How about adding a little bit of creepiness to the experiment? Graveyards have an eerie effect on people and create an opportunity for the project to gain some additional attention.
• Go with your children to visit several new and historic graveyards.
• While there, choose a test sample of graves to record lifespan data from and repeat at each cemetery.
• After all the data is collected, help your child create charts that will show the information obtained from each location.
• Dress the presentation board up in a haunting way for dramatic effect. Use photos of grave makers or actual rubbings of headstones.

Full Of Flavor
Does your child have a sweet tooth? If so, try a bubble gum inspired project. Make it a competition between sugar and sugar-free varieties. Everyone is familiar with bubble gum, which will make this idea a favorite for all.
• Find your favorite gum and start chewing.
• Stick the chewed gum to objects of different weights and surfaces and record the data.
• Use different variables such as temperature, materials and time chewed for a thorough project.

A Close Look
This project is for a child with an eye for details. Let him or her do a Mario Bros. themed experiment and collect mushrooms. Pick up a microscope like one from and let your child magnify fungi for the project.
• Collect a series of fresh mushrooms from nearby parks.
• Cut the mushrooms and let them sit on card stock overnight.
• The next day reveal the new spore colonies and show the rate in which fungi spread.
• Theme your project board for style

In The Sky
Does your child like to construct things? Have him or her build a rocket. With a few skills and household items, this project will be a thrill.

• The child will need an empty teabag, a heat source, and a non-flammable surface as launch pad.
• Cut the bag into a cylinder shape and light it from the top on a fire resistant surface.
• Watch the bag defy gravity and start to take off.

Storm Maker
Invite your child to become a master of the wind and create hurricanes indoors with household items.

• Insert a paperclip and peanuts into a two-liter bottle and fill it with water.
•Attach another bottle to form an hourglass design and flip the bottles.
•The air from the empty bottle will rush into the water-filled bottle to supercharge the water flow and create the hurricane.

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