Great Gifts For Dad

Whether you’re shopping for Father’s day, his birthday or Christmas you’re going to want to find the best gift for him. You can get things that are practical, or if you know him well enough you can get him something from the heart. Your dad deserves a great gift, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out what exactly he would want the most.

If your dad is the type that loves a good shave, and has even invested into a straight razor (the one that professionals use) then you could look into getting him some tools for shaving. You can get him a strop, which is a leather strip that you use to sharpen the blade of a razor. The reason that strops are used instead of whetstones is because a razor has the thinnest blade out of most everyday tool and therefore needs some special treatment. Instead of rubbing off the material that gets bent out of place, a stop will realign the material. Your dad will find it useful in sharpening the razor without destroying it in the process.

Not very many dads even own a straight razor, so strops might be out of the question for you. So if your dad is a little less interested in razors and more interested in sports there are a few things that you could get him. If he’s into sports you can go the distance and get him some amazing gifts like signed balls or mitts, or maybe amazing tickets to a game. A sport t-shirt is another great idea to get as they usually are on the cheaper side. If you can somehow make it work, then getting him to meet a star or a team would be an amazing gift that he would remember forever.

If he’s just entering the world of fatherhood, he’ll probably want a few things that will help him keep sane. As a new father, he’ll probably be missing a few things, like hiking or biking. Luckily for him there are a couple of things he can use that will let him go hiking or biking with a kid. You can get a carriage that pulls behind his bike or a baby seat that doubles as a backpack. This means that he can go on his favorite hikes without too much problems, and while he can’t really go mountain biking while pulling a carriage, bike roads and going on roads will work pretty well.

A dad sometimes needs things that are just from the heart. A letter or homemade craft can warm his heart, and if you want you can give him something from the heart and something practical. He’ll definitely love the combination.

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