Health Benefits of Probiotics

lifee1Humans are taught, to a near instinctual level, that all bacteria is bad bacteria. Most people can not imagine how ingesting live bacteria could be healthy for an individual. We have pharmaceuticals designed to kill them and use anti-bacterial soaps to avoid them, so how could they be helpful?

This is where probiotics enter into the arena, as they are microorganisms that may aid in preventing and treating some illnesses, as well as promoting a healthy digestive system. These types of bacteria are commonly known as the “good” bacteria, and there are even entire diets designed to consume the maximum amount of them possible. Ingesting the proper quantity of these bacteria, as opposed to the “bad” bacteria can help individuals avoid celiac disease, Chron’s disease, as well as obesity and diabetes.

Humans naturally receive probiotics at their very first step in life through the birth canal, where newborns pick up good bacteria from the mother. In fact, this process is why doctors believe C-Section babies have lesser immune systems, as they are not exposed to the bacteria they normally would be exposed to through the birth canal.

How though, do probiotics help us? One of the most notable ways of aiding us is by maintaining the digestive system. A proper balance between good and bad bacteria in the system allows for an easy process in eating and digesting food, avoiding any of the irritating systems that could come as a result of an imbalance. Irritated digestive tracts, for example, are evidence of a poor balance. It is important to note that there are several different ways someones bacteria balance could become less than perfect, such as emotional stress, antibiotic overuse, and lack of sleep.

These symptoms are brought on by the fact that good bacteria filter out some of the harmful toxins that can enter into the body through food. The good bacteria take all of the bad stuff from the food we consume and turn it into healthy waste products. In addition, the presence of probiotics increase the strength of our intestinal tract, making it less likely to be injured or irritated overall.

Aside from the digestive system, it is believed that probiotics help out immune system. There is limited scientific study, but it is strongly believed in the community of study that one of the most important advantages given by probiotics is that they aid in protecting the body from harmful germs. When probiotics are absent from a system, humans are more likely to develop infections.

You can either receive probiotics through foods or supplements. For example, LifeVantage has scientifically backed resources available for sale that act the same as eating products with probiotics in them.

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