How to Help a Friend With an Addiction

Addiction is a tough thing that unfortunately a lot of individuals in today’s society face. However, it is important to always keep in mind that these addictions that people face can be overcome. Although it might take many painful years, your friend can overcome a drug or alcohol addiction. As a friend you might be at a loss as to how to best help your friend or loved one with their struggles. First of all it is important not to minimize the issue hoping that by so doing it will go away on its own. Address the issue openly with your friend. It is important to show them that you still love and care for them as a person, you just don’t agree with their particular actions.

Someone going through an addiction needs love and support from those around them if they are going to succeed in recovery. They need people they can trust and count on to be there and help give them motivation when they are struggling most and want to give up. This is something that you as a friend can offer someone who is struggling with an addiction. A friend is someone that another can trust and rely on. This needs to especially hold true if one friend in the partnership is struggling with an addiction. You also want to try and eliminate your friend’s future use. If you have drugs or alcohol in the house, you might want to think about getting rid of it so it won’t be a temptation for your friend or they don’t get the impression that it is wrong for them to use it yet you as their friend do. More often than not, professional help is needed. There is a wide range of professional help out there.

On a more basic level there are local addiction recovery groups sponsored by the city or local churches. For an individual that might have a lot of determination and will power to do a lot of the recovery on their own, this might be a great option as it isn’t too invasive. Another option is to have your friend participate in therapy. In our society therapy has gotten a negative reputation but from personal experience I will attest to the wonders therapy does. It is so nice to just get things off your chest and let someone else help to guide you in the correct direction of recovery. If you are finding that these less invasive means of trying to help your friend aren’t too effective you may consider treatment centers.

There are all sorts of types for different issues, inpatient and outpatient programs, and a variety of costs to keep in mind. Womens Alcohol treatment might be a good option if your friend suffers from alcoholism. These types of programs are great because they are more individualized and don’t follow a one size fits all mentality. These and other treatment centers are found all over the United States. In my opinion the most valuable help you can give your friend is your love. Nurture the relationship and let them know you care and you’ll work through this together. An addict just needs help and support from a good and caring friend.


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