How to Keep Your Backyard Looking New

How to Keep Your Backyard Looking NewEven though landscaping is an art, you need not be a trained designer in order to beautify your yard. All it takes is a few basic skills and the desire to transform your home’s compound. The task involves planning, defining which trees, flowerbeds and grasses to plant. A good garden should have some shade. It is therefore essential that you plan for this too. Whether you hold garden parties or not, you need a place where you can relax as you read a book or just sit and listen to the whistling wind and the chirping of birds. It is one thing to have a fine looking garden but it requires a lot of effort to keep it looking new.

Below are ways of maintaining your backyard:

Pruning and weeding

This is like the way you service your car in order to have the engine running smoothly. Weeds compete with other plants for water and nutrients in the soil. Weeds multiply very fast hence chocking grass, flowers and shrubs. You should learn to pluck out weeds manually rather than killing them with an insecticide. The latter kill not only the leaves but also the essential organisms such as earthworms that help enrich the soil. Pesticides also poison the soil and are an environmental hazard especially when they are washed away by rainwater. When it comes to pruning, this is just an exercise to remove overgrown shoots and branches. The concept works in the same way as removal of weeds.

Mow the lawn regularly

Grass grows very fast meaning that you must mow it often. Overgrown grass gives the impression of neglect. Besides, it can become home to pests or snakes. Invest in a lawnmower for this activity. Buy gas powered equipment as it is easy to use compared to the manual type. When mowing, make sure you are using the highest setting in order to avoid cutting grass too low. Tall grass stalks are healthier than short ones. It helps cool the soil and prevents weeds from sprouting. Moist soil encourages the production of microbes which in turn provide grass with much needed nutrients.

Water your yard

A green looking lawn always looks inviting. In order to keep it so, you need to water the grass and other plants from time to time. Use water sprinklers to water your lawn at least once a week during summer. There is no need of watering on a daily basis as this will only make the water to remain on the surface. Instead, do it once a week allowing the sprinklers to run for about an hour or so. Make sure you set a timer for the sprinklers in order to avoid overdoing it and wasting water.

Pressure Wash your Deck and Exterior

One great way to clean up your backyard and make it look new again is to do pressure wash your exterior, deck, and patio if you have one. Dirt and grime can make any surface look bad but with a quick pressure wash it can look new again. You can learn more about this service on

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