Looking Cute on a Budget

Regardless of your style whether it is hipster, bohemian, conservative, preppy or punk there is something to compliment your wardrobe at Downeast Basics. The important thing about any wardrobe is too have it not cost a fortune. With Downeast Basics looking cute on a budget is what they are great at. They have cute, comfortable and affordable clothing. Depending upon what style is most suited to your specific style here are the some of the must haves for your wardrobe that won’t cost you a fortune but will leave you looking fashionable and fantastic.

Basics- The basics that Downeast has that are available in different length of sleeves and in an assortment of colors. These basics are great to have for any outfit and will compliment just about any style.

  • Tees- Downeast homes tees are great to wear alone or underneath layers for a layered look. The Wonder Tee and Essential Tee are perfect for just this, the capped sleeve, longer length and modest neckline will be perfect for being worn with jeans or being worn over top of a laced bottom camisole or underneath a sweater or cardigan. The Lace Tee is a tee with a lace bottom that is great to being shown under layers or to be worn alone for a more polished look. The Wonder Tee, Essential Tee and Lace Tees come in a wide array of colors for all the season color schemes.
  • Tanks- For a great tank top to wear consider the Wonder Camisole. The longer length and modest neckline make it a good choice to be worn with layered looks and also for when you are out at the gym.
  • Tights- Have a few pairs of solid colors, prints and textures to help add an extra touch to any skirt. Especially in the colder months pairing cute tights with the right boots and skirt will keep you both warm and fashionable.

Fashion Pieces- Downeast Basics will have fashion pieces that are still affordable and versatile. Depending on what your style is you will find fashionable pieces that will be perfect additions to your wardrobe.

  • Skirts- With multiple lengths and prints these skirts are perfect for warm summer days or to be worn with tights on colder days. There are Maxi Skirts, A-Line skirts, Academy Skirts, Pencil skirts and more. Great to be worn with any of the basic tees.
  • Fashion Shirts- Fashionable shirts that are great to be worn, they are stylish cute and modest.
  • Dresses- Dresses that are great to be worn to church, work or for casual events.
  • Accessories- Whether it is jewelry, scarves, belts, hair accessories or handbags Downeast will have the right accessories to complete your look.

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