New Advancements in Dental Technology

There is a new and advanced evolution in orthodontic treatment, which helps to straighten teeth and create that beautiful smile that everyone would like to have. The “Daytime-Nightime Appliance,” (“DNA Appliance”) is a tested and patented procedure that patients and dentists are excited about – See There are other devices that are advertised on TV and other media venues, that are used for straightening teeth, but the DNA appliance uses a dental concept, called Epigenetic orthodontics, which encourages the jaw, soft tissue of the teeth to naturally realign over a certain period of time.

Epigenetic orthodontics is based on a patient’s natural genes to straighten their teeth without using wire brackets or retainers. This dental innovation is a safe, light bio force, which does not create any undue cranial pressure, especially when children can use the DNA appliance, in their continued growth. When you visit the web site, you will see the results of using the DNA appliance. Over time, it stimulates horizontal bone growth, which gives patient’s a stronger bone structure, which creates a cosmetic symmetry in the face area.

The DNA Appliance effects the cranio facial structures, such as the jaw joint or TMJ, teeth, gums, and nasal airways, in a gentle, natural way. This new and proven dental appliance can be removed, so that patients can floss or brush their teeth, unlike traditional braces that must be worn 24/7, and where food and bacteria, can be trapped, as well as constant visits to the dentist. Patients only need to wear the DNA appliance each evening and while sleeping at night, for a remarkable change to take place. The technology used to create DNA Appliance, does not require dentists or orthodontists to regularly adjust it.

In addition to eliminating obstructive sleep apnea problems and TMJ conditions, the DNA Appliance, also helps in other dental areas, such as:

o it is comfortable and painless
o reduces serious snoring issues
o offers discretion
o no braces or headgears
o improves mid-facial bone development
o surgery, injections, and drugs, are not required.

Its 3-D technology can straighten teeth, and widens a patient’s airways. Patients have reported and experienced facial enhancements, that make them look younger. Sleep apnea problems are relieved and often eliminated, because the DNA Appliance aligns the upper and lower jaws to give the tongue more room and to increase the size of the airway. Traditional airway devices, like the continuous positive airway pressure (“CPAP”) machine must be worn continuously to fix sleep apnea conditions, but the DNA Appliance permanently fixes sleep apnea by wearing it occasionally. Serious conditions appear as a result of sleep apnea, along with snoring and breathing problems. These can include strokes, heart attacks, depression, impotence, heart disease, high blood pressure, and extreme fatigue. Both adults and children can wear the DNA Appliance with ease and successful, healthy results.

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