Night Games 101 by Teal Co

With life today being busier than ever before we all are in search of ways to play games with friends or our families whenever we can. Sometimes the only time available to do these things is at night and playing things such as football or frisbee at night can be difficult. There is however a solution to this problem. Light up balls and frisbees. You are likely asking yourself where in the world you will ever find such a thing. Others out there might be trying to figure out how to place Christmas lights on your ball and still be able to throw it without unplugging it. Fortunately, there is no reason to be wondering about such crazy things because there is already a way to this on the market.

Teal Co is a company that sells all sorts of light up items to aid you in any outdoor game you would want to play at night. All of their merchandise contains a battery operated LED light. Since they use LED rather than making them glow in the dark, you will have unlimited play time. You can go to their website and order light up footballs, soccer balls, frisbees, and a whole lot more.

They also offer toys for man’s best friend as well. You can find light up balls and other toys for your dog so that you can take fido out to play at night as well.

If you are not interested in footballs and dog toys, there are other things available and guess what, a lot of them light up too. There are things for the science lover in the family. You can find a zero blaster smoke ring gun, magnetized ball puzzles, and self maintaining gel space ant farms to start. One really cool item that they have under their science section is a magnetized, gravity defying platform to place decorative objects on. This little gadget will blow your mind!

Maybe you are in search of light up balls, and then you decide you need something new to decorate your house. You can do that with Teal Co as well. They have light up LED cubes that make a lovely accent to any room, especially a dark room. The light up LED cubes also have shape shifting 3D images inside. They are battery operated so, if the power gets knocked out by a nasty storm you can still be entertained.

If you don’t want a light up image cube, you could try out the blinking Japanese eyeballs. That is right, blinking Japanese eyeballs; They are battery operated eyeballs that sit on a table or shelf and you guessed it, they blink. They are pretty awesome.

After staying up late watching your LED cube and blinking eyeballs after a rousing game of light up football or lightup frisbee with Fido, you are gonna need something to wake you up. For this, there is is the Aeropress coffee and espresso maker. It can make up to 4 cups of espresso or coffee and it truly has a smooth, delicious flavor. It includes a years supply of coffee filters, stirrer, funnel and scoop as well.

There is one last category that you might want to know about and that is the plant section. There are some pretty interesting finds to be found. You will see that they have plants but, if you really look through you will find carnivorous plants as well as the dinosaur plant and the creepy graveyard garden. They sell healing herbs and things to that nature as well.

There is something for everyone at Teal Co even though they are better known by most these days for their light up footballs. Go ahead and visit their website and be astounded.

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