Parker & Sons Advises on Reverse Osmosis Systems and Water Treatment

Hard water, scourge of homeowners and renters across the Southwest United states. Hard water forms when water percolates through stone and soil which has high mineral content, typically composed of calcium and magnesium carbonates. Minerals dissolve into and become part of the water. The particulars of hard water can cause water quality to vary greatly throughout a city. In Mesa, Arizona, hard water has been measure exceeding 22 grains-per-gallon. Other Phoenix municipalities rarely measure water harder than 16 grains-per-gallon.

Although hard water causes no major health risks, it can be a massive headache. Hard water leaves dense, crusty calcium deposits on fixtures, appliances, and surfaces throughout the home. Additionally, hard water can lower the effectiveness of high-efficiency appliances such as washing machines. It may even react poorly with many commercial detergents, hindering the removal of soil and bacteria while leaving difficult to manage soap curd stains.

Parker & Sons notes, homeowners and renters do not have to live with the negative effects of hard water. Hard water can be treated through the use of water purification systems and water softeners. Popular and effective water softening systems use ion-exchange technology to remove calcium and magnesium while replacing it with low levels of sodium.

Reverse Osmosis purify and demineralize water by forcing it through a semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane. The membrane allows the massage of H2O, but inhibits the passage of minerals, particulates, and impurities. Reverse osmosis systems are designed to mimic the natural occurring water exchange system used in nature by pants and in the human body. Reverse osmosis systems are capable of removing up 99 percent of impurities. Reverse Osmosis systems are most effective at treating groundwater.

Reverse osmosis systems are frequently used in commercial setting in addition too domestic ones. Popular local brewery Four Peaks famously uses a robust reverse osmosis system to prepare water for use in brewing its legendary beers.

“Investing in a good water treatment system is something that will really benefit you and your family. I guarantee it will pay off down the line. Just like when you consider purchasing any other major home appliance, take your time and do your research. If you have any questions, consult a professional. Here at Parker & Sons, we have decades of experience installing water treatment systems. If you need any help at all, give us a call,” said Josh Kelly of Parker & Sons.


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