Planning A Wedding Luncheon

Luncheon wedding receptions can be just as lovely and elegant as dinner receptions, but often cost much less. They are also ideal when following wedding ceremonies that are scheduled for earlier in the day. When planning a wedding luncheon, a few important details need to be considered. The location of the event, its theme, menu selections, decorations and entertainment are the main aspects that need to be decided.


Finding just the right venue is the first step in planning the wedding luncheon. For weddings that occur at home, the home would be the natural choice. A scenic garden provides an elegant setting, though tents or permanent shelters need to be taken into consideration in case of inclement weather. Rented halls are also an option, though the proximity to the wedding site should be considered as not to frazzle out-of-town guests.


Themes for wedding luncheons are usually a little lighter in nature as they occur during daylight hours. Tasteful themes such as a Victorian garden party or English tea party can be employed. More night-life oriented party themes should be avoided.

Menu Selections

Wedding luncheons are ideal for those on a budget because they allow the couple to provide delicious tasteful items, but at a lower cost. Food served at luncheons are relatively less expensive than dinner items, but can be just as elegant. Dainty finger sandwiches can be served along with crudites and other similar fare. For those in the area, lunch catering in Columbus can help couples to plan for a gorgeous table.


Decorations at a wedding luncheon allow for more flexibility than those at later affairs. The luncheon will have the advantage of natural lighting which eliminates the hassle and cost of adding lighting or candles. Decorations can and should fit the tastes and personalities of the newly wedded couple. Lighter colors work better during the day and the possibilities are endless and range from lovely floral arrangements to balloons and streamers.


Entertainment for the wedding luncheon should be more subdued than that of events planned for later in the evening. The music choices should be lighter and usually dancing is not appropriate. If the couple wishes, a multi-media display can be an ongoing feature for guests to enjoy. Some couples offer horse and carriage rides and outdoor events for the children such as scavenger hunts with the theme of the couple in mind.

Wedding luncheons are an elegant choice when planning a wedding reception. They are perfectly timed for earlier ceremonies and are usually easier on a young couple’s budget.

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