Preparing for Disaster

As we have seen, disaster can strike at any time. If you aren’t taking the time to gear up for an emergency, you may find yourself trapped in a life-threatening situation. Are you prepared for an emergency situation? Having plenty of food and other supplies on hand is essential to your family but what about your pet? Do you have plenty of food storage set aside for your family pet? If you do not have an emergency preparedness plan for them, you could end up with a very serious problem. Here are some tips that can help you to learn how to store food for your pet.


Create an Emergency Pet Kit

A great way to be prepared for any emergency is by creating a 72-hour kit for your family pet. Keep in mind that a family pet will be confused and will act differently when there are disasters. As the owner, you need to try and remain calm to help calm your pet down in the middle of a disaster like this. Create a kit for them that will provide their essential items including the following:

  • At least 72 hours worth of food. Some pets eat 2 meals a day, others eat one. Provide enough food for at least 3 days. Save money on pet food by shopping at dollar stores. They often have small bags of pet food and canned food for low costs.
  • Don’t forget the water! Pets tend to drink more when there is a disaster and they are stressed. You need to be able to have about 3 gallons of water or more set aside for just your pet to drink.
  • Pack some rawhide treats for the pet. This helps to calm their nerves as they can lie down and chew them to reduce the stress they feel.
  • Have a blanket for them to lie on.
  • Garbage sacks, sanitary wipes, and a place for the pet to urinate and pass stools.
  • Medication and other things the pet may need.
  • ID information for the pet in case they get separated from you. Most cities will offer a pet-ID service. If your pet is lost, a shelter can scan the microchip to see where they belong.
  • Toys. You can find some great toys on clearance sales and at dollar stores.
  • Pet First Aid Kit. This must include antibacterial soaps and other things to clean a wound the pet may have as a result of the disaster.


Consider investing in some hand well pumps so you always have water available. The human body can do days without food, but won’t last long without water. Having a hand well pump is a great way to make sure you have water for everyone, including your furry friends!

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