Pressure Washing Your Deck

66574112Maintaining the upkeep on your home or business’s deck, is very important for both the longevity and the appearance of the structure. While it is true that pressure washing the deck can be achieved by an unprofessional by using a pressure washer, it is highly recommended that a pressure washing company be utilized. An amateur may easily use the wrong nozzle on the pressure wand itself or simply manage to place the tip of the wand too closely to the wood. It is easy to cause damage to the deck if you are untrained.

Be sure to make use of a company that caters to eco-friendly ingredients in their products for deck cleaning and staining. A company such as Renew Crew for example, with over 20 years of experience in how to properly maintain and clean outdoor surfaces correctly in regards to deck cleaning and staining. More importantly, look for a company that does so, without using harsh chemicals that can damage wildlife or seep into the ground water table.

A company with years of experience behind them like Renew Crew, will comprehend the precise amount of water pressure to use on your specific deck’s wood to prevent damaging the deck in the process. Some soft woods can easily be damaged by a water pressure application if using more than 1500 pounds per square inch of pressure. High amounts of water pressure can actually leave marks in the wood where the high pressure of the water has struck the soft wood. The goal is to remove stains and damage that have occurred to the wood overtime through exposure to the outside elements such as airborne pollutants and dirt or debris through years of use. However, a professional will know exactly how much water pressure to exert without removing more than the actual problem.

It may be necessary after the initial water pressure cleaning, to allow the deck to fully dry before it is possible to notice any remaining issues. While the deck is wet, small areas of the wood that are not fully cleaned, may go unnoticed and require further treatment later. The goal is to provide a deck that is evenly clean, without leaving marks on the wood from the process, leaving a the deck with consistent surface appearance. All areas should be fully washed carefully, without what is known as over washing. It may also be necessary for your deck to be sanded down because the act of pressure washing can cause wood fibers to rise up or splinter. The sanding process with not only address this issue, but it will allow the wood to soak in any staining or sealant that you apply.

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