Shaving Tips for Men for Smoother and Healthier Skin

Sometimes shaving can be stressful for guys, especially those with sensitive skin. Everything from bumps, cuts, ingrown hairs, and allergic reactions can be frustrating. To better protect sensitive skin from these discomforts, here are some shaving tips by The Art of Shaving for men for smoother and healthier skin:

Prepare Skin – This means that men should use warm water to help open up facial pores. Taking a hot shower before shaving can help skin become more relaxed and ready for shaving. If there is no need to shower then the shaving can begin by putting some warmed up and moistened towels to face for a few minutes. Warm moist skin will help avoid the razor burns and rashes that can be caused by shaving while skin is dry.

Using a Quality Shaving Cream – Purchasing one especially for sensitive skin is vital. Products made for certain types of skin will protect the face better from shaving mishaps. The better ones are those containing moisturizers and lubricants that produce a rich lather.

Apply Cream with Brush – Using a high quality shaving brush with soft bristles, to apply shaving cream to the face is recommended. When applying cream a circular motion should be used to help exfoliate the skin and raise the hairs up. This distributes the cream evenly and is better than doing it by hand. It also helps to avoid having ingrown hairs on the face.

Investing in a Quality Razor – Men should avoid using cheap razors. Buying a high quality razor blade and making sure the blades are always sharp before shaving is important. Dull blades can cause skin irritations such as razor burn and rashes. Also, making sure that the blades are run through the hot water before shaving and in between every couple of swipes. This helps remove whiskers and cream stuck in the blades.

Shaving Properly – Shaving with the grain, this is in the direction that the hair grows naturally. Starting with the sides first, then going into the mustache area and finally the chin. While shaving, it is helpful not to put too much pressure on the razor blade. Pressing too hard on the skin with the razor blade can cause bumps and cuts.

After Shaving – Once done shaving, face should be rinsed with cool water. This helps to close pores. Skin should be pat dried with a clean towel. Applying an after shave moisturizer that is alcohol-free and non-greasy helps to avoid inflammation and keeps skin healthy, and well hydrated.

Following the tips above will help men maintain healthier, smoother skin and keep them looking their best. Proper skin care is an essential step to better grooming and will minimize and eliminate the common discomforts of shaving. By shaving properly and using quality products and proven methods, a man’s skin will be in optimum health.

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