SSA Benefits – Can I Collect Disability?

mdd4Many people avoid submitting disability claims through Social Security for several reasons. Some may not be sure if they are eligible, while others have heard nightmare stories from others who have tried to claim benefits, only to be turned down.

This article will run down the basics for you and provide sources that you can and should seek help from if you determine you can indeed file a claim.

Why should I apply?

Why would you not apply if there is money out there that you qualify for and would certainly ease your financial burden? If you are suffering from a debilitating ailment that prevents you from working and providing your family an income, you should seek every available avenue open to you.

Do I qualify?

According to Social Security, someone is eligible if:
“Social Security pays benefits to people who can’t work
because they have a medical condition that’s expected
to last at least one year or result in death.”

There are additional earnings requirements that must be met to qualify for disability benefits. Essentially these requirements fall into two categories: a recent work test and a duration of work test. To find out more about these tests for eligibility click here for a link to the SSA brochure

I qualify, now what?

If you determine that you qualify for disability benefits, the next step is to file a claim. You can apply by going online at or call them to set up an appointment to file in person at a local office or over the phone with a SSA representative.

What happens after I file?

Once you have filed a claim, there is a real possibility that it will be denied. If this occurs you may want to consider contacting the professionals at Myler Disability Advocates for help. They will start the appeal process on your behalf and handle the twists and turns of the SSA process. There may be multiple appeals that you will have to deal with before getting your claim approved. Currently, the judges that hear the appeals of appeals in backlogged with almost one million cases. With scenarios like this in your future, it would be a wise choice to contact an advocate who will work with you and knows the system.

Another plus is there is no out of pocket expense for you to hire an advocate. They work strictly on a percentage of the monies you receive for back benefits that they win for you. That percentage is never more than 25%.

Do not feel intimidated because the SSA is a government entity and you think you won’t be granted benefits. If you qualify, those benefits are rightfully yours, and there is help available to see you get them.

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