Staying Safe On a Motorcycle

I don’t know about you, but I think riding on a motorcycle is fun and exciting. I haven’t had too much experience riding one but the few times I have ridden one have sure been fun. That being said, you should always exercise care and caution when riding a motorcycle in order to be safe. The definition of motorcycle safety implies that it concerns many aspects of the motorcycle itself as a vehicle along with operator skill and training. Don’t think for a minute that driving a motorcycle is similar to driving a car. This thinking won’t get you very far. There are four main viewpoints when it comes to risk that is associated with riding a motorcycle.

First, many individuals think one should just quit riding because of the risk associated with it. Riding a motorcycle is too dangerous, and just not worth the risk. This viewpoint might stem from a personal negative experience they’ve faced regarding motorcycles making them adamant in their viewpoint that it should be banned. They have such a negative view that they can’t see any good that comes with riding a motorcycle or the fun that could be had.

The second viewpoint is hyper-reflective self-discipline. They are super conscious of any potential risk that they train and practice to the point of overdoing it. They are extremely paranoid, and make sure to have a valid license, the top notch education and always are wearing the proper gear.

The next viewpoint consists of risk valorization. These types of riders accept that risk is inevitable and ride anyways. They use caution, but don’t let it consume their lives. They still aim to make correct and safe choices.

The last viewpoint is someone who simply flaunts the risk associated with motorcycle riding. They seem to shun any and all safety measures, thinking the adrenaline is worth it. They don’t wear a helmet or proper gear.

If you ask me, I think these four differing viewpoints seem to cover the different bases pretty well. Now we need to discuss how to stay safe on a motorcycle. Allstate insurance company has some words of advice. First, get ready for riding season. Before you head out on your motorcycle you want to make sure it is prepared. Make sure to take time to test out the lights, brakes and turn signals so you can ensure that you will be seen while on the road. Also along the same lines, make sure your mirrors are lined up so that you can effectively and safely see what is around you. Always make sure you have plenty of fuel in the tank. When you are riding, always wear a helmet, know the limits of your bike, stick to the designated speed limit, don’t tailgate other vehicles, use your signals and always be respectful of other drivers. Furthermore, Alpinestars has plenty of motorcycle gear to also help you stay safe. Don’t ever take riding a motorcycle lightly. Take proper precautions so you can ensure a safe and fun experience.

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