Taking Care Of Pests in Your Backyard

mosquito-treatmentMaking sure your backyard is a safe haven for your family has always been important. These days it is even more important than ever before. From time to time, as wildlife migrates homes may experience different types of pest with which they need to deal.

With recent developments in the spread of hemorrhagic diseases, controlling airborne pests is more important than ever. Mosquitos were just pests when I was growing up. We knew about malaria, but believed that no one in the United States could catch such a disease from an American mosquito.

Times have changed. Mosquitos have migrated from countries in South America and even from as far away as Africa. West Nile Fever, Dengue Fever, several types of encephalitis have all occurred in the USA.

There are some traditional methods of helping keep your property safe from mosquitos. I learned these while living in Indonesia. The problem is that those methods too often fail. Despite my efforts to ensure there was no standing water my property, both inside and outside the home, one of my daughters did come down with dengue fever.

Here in the United States there is a new, and fast growing, company. The Mosquito Squad, can take care of your worries about flying pests and mosquito control in your yard, in a fast and professional way.

The Mosquito Squad is well established in the eastern half of the United States. They are expanding quickly and helping a growing number of families with mosquito pests every day. The Mosquito Squad has a helpful website that allows you to enter your zip code and get immediate contact with your nearest Mosquito Squad location.

The services by this company even go beyond mosquito control. They use state of the art technology to keep both mosquitos and ticks under control. For mosquitos they use combinations of natural barrier measures. These include airborne automatic misting to maximize contact and control. For ticks, a special type of mice tube equipment waits in your yard. These tubes take advantage of the natural nesting instincts of mice. The unique method of tick control provides mice with a treated cotton nesting material. Placed around your yard these mice tubes contain a special treated cotton material. When the mosquitos drink blood from the mice, their favorite prey, they die right away.

As the owner you have a right to safe, frequent use of your property, including your back yard. Call on the men and women of The Mosquito Squad and get ticks and mosquitos under control right away.

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