Taking Care of Your Family Pet

It matters not whether your pet is a goldfish, a bunny, a tarantula or the standard issue dog or cat, there are many things owners need to do to make sure that their pet leads a healthy and happy life. Here are a few things that pets need:

The Right Environment
The environment for any pet needs to be clean and comfortable. Clean is fairly easy to ascertain. Waste products, shed fur, old food and other debris needs to be cleared away regularly. For pets like chickens, rodents and rabbits, their bedding needs to be changed so that it’s sweet smelling and fresh. Reptiles and other cold blooded animals need some hours of warmth to be at their best, so their enclosures might require artificial lighting or heating. Aquarium fish, however, can be surprisingly picky about what they need. Some fish like cooler temperatures and others dislike bright light. Some need to be in schools to do well, while others must be solitary. Different fish need different levels of minerals in the water. A veterinarian Columbus who’s an expert on the needs of aquarium fish can give prospective owners advice.

While most cats can be happy in any sized home or apartment, some dogs are too big for an apartment and need a yard to run around in. Small dogs tend to be very sensitive to cold. Just about all dogs need toys to play with to stave off boredom and destructive behavior like tearing up furniture.

Food and Water
Food is a more complicated subject than many owners believe. Most pets need ready access to water, but they don’t need ready access to food. Most animals are programmed to eat food that’s put in front of them whether they’re hungry or not. This is because in the wild an animal doesn’t know where its next meal is coming from. An exception to this might be aquarium fish. If too many fish flakes are sprinkled into the tank, the fish will eat its fill and ignore the rest. This can lead to the water becoming fouled. But once a dog or cat has eaten, its bowl should ideally be taken away till it’s time to eat again. Dogs and cats should also not be given table scraps no matter how much they beg for it, because this will lead to obesity. Other animals should be given food that’s made especially for their species to avoid health problems.

Health and Safety
The owner is responsible for the health of his or her pet. Dogs and cats should be taken to the veterinarian Columbus regularly and they should be neutered and spayed unless they’re being raised for show. This will lower the risk of some diseases. Pets with fur should also be groomed. Besides contributing to the health of the pet, grooming is immensely pleasurable for both pet and owner. Grooming also gives the owner the chance to look for lumps, cuts or bruises on their pet and have these abnormalities investigated by a veterinarian.

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