Taking your Pet to the Vet

There are many reasons for taking a beloved pet to the vet, most of which concern keeping that dear pet in good health. My pets, a dog and three cats, are outside animals and could be exposed to diseases that would harm them. My dog has the run of several acres and can find some not so appetizing prizes to drag up. The cats enjoy life prowling around the barn and in brush piles scattered throughout the woods, occasionally bringing home gifts of dead rodents. Since I care about these animals and their health, they make a yearly trip to the vet for a shot to protect against rabies, and booster shots to ward off any other illness their species may be susceptible to. When taking a pet to an animal hospital in Columbus, it is important to know they will be given the best care possible.

A visit to the vet can be stressful for both the pet and the owner. When taking my dog to the vet, I have her on a leash. Upon arriving at the animal hospital, my dog is overwhelmed by all the scents left behind by the animals that were there before her. Normally she is a well behaved dog, but all those smells excite her and she pulls at her leash, trying to sniff every spot on the ground. The animal hospital is located on a busy highway, a dangerous place for a dog not on a leash. Inside the animal hospital, a leash keeps her by my side and away from other dogs who might have an aggressive nature. It gives her a feeling of security to know I am on the other end of that leash when she has to be weighed or given a shot. When taking a cat to the animal hospital, I use a pet carrier. Cats, like dogs, can smell the other animals and become agitated. Using a pet carrier to transport a cat not only makes the trip easier, but gives them a sense of protection. Since a cat’s instinct is to flee when it feels threatened or afraid, a pet carrier prevents the cat from jumping and running away.

A caring vet and staff are an important element in any animal hospital in Columbus. Like most pet owners, I develop an emotional attachment to my animals. I worry when they are hurt or sick, and care givers that understand that attachment will be reassuring and help relieve my fears. If an after hours situation arises, they can make a quick assessment over the phone, and decide if it is an emergency. If immediate attention is necessary, they don’t hesitate to provide medical attention. But if medical attention can wait, they let you know how to care for your pet until you can bring them in the next day. This can save you a late night trip and the extra expense of an emergency visit.

Many people feel toward their pets as they do a family member. The bond between humans and and animals can be a strong one if it is nourished. The love of a pet is not quickly forgotten and the memory is cherished for a lifetime. Pets depend on their owners to help them have a long and healthy life, and to make sure they get health care from a kind and caring animal hospital staff.

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