Ten Reasons to Carry a Pocket Knife

Almost every man used to carry a pocket knife, kind of like how we all carry cell phones now. Not as many people are carrying pocket knives today, though there are many reasons to carry one. Their size and versatility make carrying a pocket knife easy and convenient. Here are ten reasons to carry a pocket knife:

  1. Self Defense – A pocket knife is not as intimidating or as effective as say, a gun, but it’s better than having nothing at all. Carrying a pocket knife around will make you feel safer in case you are attacked.
  2. Opening Boxes – Whether you get a package at your house or need to open a box at work, a pocket knife will make this task much easier than if you try to do it with your hands alone or with a pen.
  3. Camping – Pocket knives are a must have on any camping trip. You can use one to whittle down kindling, and to clean fish. If you need to cut rope, for example, a pocket knife is essential.
  4. First Aid – A pocket knife can come very much in handy if you need to cut bandages.
  5. Peeling Fruit – If you are eating fruit on-the-go (like when camping), you’ll be glad you brought a pocket knife to peel and cut the fruit you brought with you.
  6. Sharpen a Pencil – If you don’t have a pencil sharpener lying around, a pocket knife will suffice to keep a pencil sharp.
  7. Cut Zip Ties – Many new products you buy will have zip ties that can be very annoying to get off if you don’t have something to cut them with. Also if you are the one putting zip ties on things, a pocket knife can help you cut any excess tie length off.
  8. Trimming Threads – Sometimes an article of clothing will have loose threads. If you try to pull them off by hand you will risk damaging or unraveling part of the piece of clothing. Use a pocket knife to cut any loose threads off.
  9. Cutting Duct Tape – Duct tape is one of the handiest things you can own, but you’ll need a pocket knife to make a clean cut. Otherwise you risk tearing it funny and wasting tape.
  10. Light Yard Work – trimming weeds or flowers is easy with a pocket knife.

Many people don’t understand why someone would carry a pocket knife around when there is already so much to carry, but you never know when you might need one. Pocket knives come in handy.

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