Thank A Neighbor For Watching Your Pet

Thank you noteWe all love our pets! When it comes to playtime, feeding, and exercise you want the best for your furry friend. This rings true for vacation time, too. Perhaps you wish you could take them with you, but that’s just not an option sometimes. So find a trusted sitter whom you know will keep them happy.

You’ll be able to come back to the same great sitter when you show your appreciation the best way possible. There are many ideas to show appreciation for someone who takes care of your pet while you are gone.

Most people just ask a neighbor or neighborhood child to feed the animal and check on it once a day and offer to pay for each day the person takes care of your pet. The amount of money really depends on your preference. You may give a little or a lot depending on what you ask your neighbor to do.

Another popular choice is to give your pet sitter a gift certificate to your local mall or their favorite store. It doesn’t need to be a lot of money even 5-20 dollars go a long way to show your appreciation.

You could bring a small gift back from where you are vacationing. For instance if you went on Hawaii for vacation you could get a small seashell or a shirt from Hawaii.

Sporting events is another popular item to give a neighbor for watching your pets. Depending on where you live you can get inexpensive tickets to professional baseball game or a local college team.

If you would rather not give money or your neighbor won’t take cash you could get them Mrs. Fields thank you cookies.  They have a lot of different options and are easily found online or at a mall.

If you have a garden or fruit trees you could make a homemade basket full of fruit and goodies, not only is this a great option but it is very inexpensive and can be a healthy gift idea.

Another inexpensive idea if you are crafty is to make something for your pet sitter. A simple bracelet might be a nice gesture to a neighbor girl.

Another great option is to offer to watch your neighbors pet while they are gone, you can trade off.

With any gift a nice card goes a long way, mention how grateful you are to them for watching your pet. You could even include a picture of your family with your pet.

There’s nothing more important than keeping loved ones happy. So do a favor to your pet today, by endearing their sitter to you with a special gift, it doesn’t need to be expensive just put a little thought and it will go a long way.

While you are having your neighbor check up on your pet you can also have them bring in the mail or newspaper and make sure the house is locked up, this way you know someone is also making sure your house is okay while you are gone.

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