The Nightmare of Losing Your Wedding Ring

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It’s every married couple’s worst nightmare. An expensive piece of jewelry that is small and you take just about everywhere you go.  It is estimated that 13% of men lose their wedding ring within the first 3 months of getting married. That means that millions of black tungsten wedding bands are probably sitting on the side of the road or deep in the couch cushion somewhere. It’s tough to think about a beautiful princess cut diamond that cost thousands of dollars just gone, but unfortunately it happens. Hopefully it never happens to you, but chances are pretty good that either you or your spouse will lose their wedding ring at some point in your marriage.

So what can you do to help? Well first, if you haven’t lost your ring yet, consider getting insurance. They will replace or fix your ring if you lose it, it’s stolen, or it’s damaged. For a reasonable price you can insure your rings (mens rings can be as low as $5 per year depending on the value of the ring–it usually comes to about $10 of insurance cost per $1000 value of the ring, so if you have a ring worth about $3,000 you will pay about $30 per year of insurance.

It is important to get in the habit of putting your ring in the same place every time you take it off.  If you take it off at night then have a

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designated place to put your items when you get home such as your phone or keys, put your ring there also.  This will help you get into a good habit and not put your ring somewhere that you’ll forget later.

If you’ve already lost your ring there are a couple of tips. First, don’t delay looking for it. If you realize that you aren’t sure where it is immediately think about the last place you had it and start looking. Think about things that were different from your normal routine and where you might have put your ring if you took it off during the out of the ordinary event. If you can’t remember the last time you had it you can review recent pictures and see if you can tell whether or not you had your ring on. That can help you pinpoint a time that you may have lost it, then think about things that you were doing at the time and see if that helps you narrow down where it might be.

If you haven’t been able to find it right after you lost it, wait a few weeks before you look at replacing your ring. Often it will turn up in a pocket in a piece of clothing you don’t wear too often or in the laundry or a random place in your house or car.

If all else fails and you still can’t find it consider a cheaper alternative to buy you more time. You can buy inexpensive rings online—especially men’s rings that are good quality if you know where to look. For women, a cubic zirconium ring can look like an authentic wedding ring for cheap giving yourself more time to find the ring. Hopefully you can take precautions before something happens, but remember that while your ring symbolizes your love for your spouse, it can’t be taken away just by losing your ring. Get a cheap alternative until you can replace the real deal and then make sure to get insurance!

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