The Shots Your New Puppy Needs

Owning a new puppy can be filled with adventure. From potty training to teaching the puppy not to chew on your shoes, there are a lot of fun milestones you get to take. A new puppy will need to see the vet for regular checkups and it is important that you keep them current on their shots. The most important shots for puppies will help to protect against serious diseases like liver disease, brain disease, and lung problems. The 4 most important shots include:

  1. Canine Adenovirus 2
  2. Canine Parvovirus
  3. Distemper
  4. Rabies

It is important to keep your vet on a set shot schedule with the vet. This is the best way to help them remain current with their shots and to protect them against serious diseases. It is also the best way to know that you are doing the best things for your puppy. Proper feeding and daily walking are essential to their growth.

If you purchased the puppy from a breeder, find out which shots they gave the puppy. Normally they will give them their first set of shots and you will be required to follow up with the vet for additional shots. If you purchased the puppy from a kennel or another agency, it’s always wise to have them checked out by the vet to make sure they are current on their shots.

Certain shots do come in a multiple shot formula. This way your puppy doesn’t need to have a ton of shots all at once. Talk to your vet about the different shots and find out what is best. They do have additional shots they can offer for kennel cough and other things. If your dog was from a kennel, you should consider some additional shots due to their exposure to a large variety of other dogs.

Some dog owners have a hard time watching their pups get shots. You can ask the vet if they provide overnight boarding, or if they have any shots that can be given to the pup as a nasal drip. The most important thing to remember is that your dog does need to get their shots.

If you are concerned that your puppy might have already had these shots, the vet can do a titers test. This will check the blood of the puppy to find out what is in their bloodstream. It will give the vet an idea of which shots the pup has already had so you will not over-vaccinate them.

Speak to a Veterinarian San Ramon, CA to have your new puppy examined and to become current on their shots to prevent deadly diseases. The cost of the shots will vary based on the size of the puppy and possibly their breed as some breeds are susceptible to different illnesses.

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