Three Overlooked Steps in Childproofing your House

Once a child becomes mobile, many parents begin to childproof their home in preparation for their growing child’s developing independence. While every parent makes sure to carefully cover their electrical outlets and install baby gates, many people overlook some of the most common causes of childhood accidents. Although no childproofing method can replace the security provided by a parent’s watchful eye, it is essential to ensure that the following three steps are not overlooked during childproofing so a home will always be safe for children.

Bolt Down Heavy Furniture

Children are often one step ahead of their parents’ childproofing efforts. In fact, many children begin to climb shortly after they learn how to pull up, and this means a child who may not be walking yet can often quickly scale a bookcase or open drawers. To keep children from being hurt by heavy furniture, every bookcase and dresser should be securely bolted to the wall with special bolt and strap sets that can be found that will enable furniture to be fastened securely without damaging the beauty of the piece.

Secure Guns and Weapons

In many homes, guns and weapons are stored for sporting or protection, however, when a weapon gets into a child’s hands, it no longer represents safety. Accidental shootings are a common cause of death in young children who live in homes with weapons, but these accidents can easily be prevented by locking up all weapons in a safe, or lockable hard case, such as Allcases, that are specifically designed for gun safety. Additionally, parents should always make sure that any home their child visits also has their guns and weapons locked securely and placed in a location that is not accessible to children.

Double Check Bathrooms

Although a bathroom is often the smallest room in a house, they hold many potential risks for a young child’s safety. Toilet lids should always be locked to protect a curious child from tipping into the water, and bathtub fixtures should also be equipped with protective padding that can keep a child safe from head injuries. All potentially poisonous medications and cosmetics should also be locked in a cabinet that is out of a child’s reach.

Childproofing is an essential step toward protecting the safety of young children in a home, and most accidents can be prevented by installing special safety features that keep dangerous items out of a child’s hands. By taking the extra precautions to secure dangerous items, such as medications and weapons, a child will be safe to explore their environment under the guidance of an adult’s supervision.

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