Top 5 Items for Camping

Having your best friend be an expert survivalist is a great thing to have handy when planning a weekend camping trip. Since he goes camping quite often his recommended the top five items for camping. The list of the top five things needed for camping include a good quality camping knifeTop 5 Items for Camping, a flask of water, a tent, a backpack and a first aid kit.
Having a good quality camping knife is probably the most common tool you will need when camping. My friend says the reason for this is because a knife can be used for multiple things in the wild. It can be used to carve things, cut things and mark things. You can purchase a good quality knife at most sports stores or used military equipment stores.
The next thing my friend said to have when camping is a flask of water. He mentioned to preferably buy one that can be attached to your back with straps like a camel back one. They also have a straw in them so you can access the water quickly. Water is important when camping because it keeps you hydrated and alert. It can be used to clean things if needed such as your knife.
Having a one man tent is probably the best tent you should have when camping because it wont weight you down and take up much room if you have to move spots etc. Having very little on you is good but having a good quality tent is a must. Once again these can be purchased at any sports store.
A backpack that is big enough to hold everything you need for camping is a handy idea as my friend always mentioned in his talks about camping. The backpack allows you to hold things by allowing your arms free to do things. Having everything in your backpack including the tent makes it easy to pack up and move around as needed.
Finally the first aid kit is something my friend highly recommends. Even though you can use nature to heal yourself in case of an injury a first aid kit still comes in handy for an emergency you least expect to occur. A great to contain in this first aid pack too is chamomile lotion in case you have a run in with poison ivy.
Overall these top five things mentioned for camping are probably the most useful and commonly used tools on your nature adventure. Each item has its own individual use and should be on you or near you at all times throughout your camping adventure.

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