Unscented After Shave Balms by The Art of Shaving

Shaving is an important part of every man’s everyday life and finding the best unscented after-shave balm is an important part of that task. After-shave balm is used to help sooth skin after receiving a thorough shaving. Unscented after-shave balm is used by individuals who either don’t want to have smell included in the after-shave they use or who might be allergic to the after-shave altogether.

Unscented after-shave is particularly useful for anyone who might have an allergy to those elements that help to produce smell in colognes and after-shave lotions. When allergies are a concern, there is no other way to avoid having to deal with the consequences than to completely avoid using products that contain these elements to begin with. This is why the only alternative is to use an after-shave balm that is completely unscented.

There are others who simply prefer not to use after-shave balms that are scented because they prefer not to use anything containing smells to begin with. When this is a personal preference, you should be given every opportunity to have access to an after-shave balm that is completely odor free. The only way to achieve this goal is to use an unscented balm right from the start.

After-shave lotion is used to provide soothing relief to the skin that has been put through a thorough shaving and without it, things would be quite uncomfortable. One of the primary ingredients in after-shave is alcohol and it is this alcohol that treats the skin following a rough shave. It can tend to burn when first applied but the after effect is quite soothing in the end.

When choosing an after-shave lotion that is scent free, it is important to understand that while the primary odor producing elements might be omitted from the final product, there will be a minor odor of some kind. It will not be an “up in your face” odor but there will be a scent none the less. This will not usually affect skin that is subject to irritation from smells but it will be quite evident once used.

When choosing an after-shave that is unscented, it is also important to understand that different alternatives will provide different levels of comfort. Each of these options will provide levels of comfort that can be measured in degrees and the difference will be in the concentration levels of the after-shave itself. For instance, the higher the concentration of alcohol in the after-shave, the stronger the healing effect of the balm itself.

It is also important to decide exactly how strong you want you unscented after-shave to be as it will be about personal preference at this point. Stronger isn’t always better but stronger will provide much better overall relief from harsh shaves.

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